Molini di Prelà

Inland from Imperia, 7 km from the sea and after passing through Dolcedo, you can find Molini di Prelà. The village is small, but has everything you need to enjoy a carefree holiday: a grocery store, two bars, two restaurants, a post office and a chemist. The sea isn’t far, takes less than half an hour by car, and fairly frequent public transport is available. The beaches (sandy or rocky) are clean and well-equipped; there is also a beach  where dogs are allowed!

For those who wish to enjoy water and sun away from the crowd, there are many little lakes that the Prino stream, which goes through Molini and Dolcedo, formed in the rocks; these lakes are extremely fresh, deep and hidden away. Molini’s immediate surroundings  are characterized by olive groves and vineyards. Well- beaten paths lead to great views, like for example Valloria, the village with painted doors or  Monte Moro (1200m a.s.l.)

The town of Imperia, with its great market and  ancient district Parasio with its typical narrow roads, is worth a visit.