the House

 Our house, which was once  the mule station, is today a small stone house, properly refurbished. It’s located at the beginning of the path that leads to Praelo (from which the Carli olives come from) from Molini.

The car can get as far as the main road of the village, then you walk up a typical Ligurian stairway of 30m, then, passing under a pretty stone arch, you have reached your destination.
The house is made up of a living-room, a kitchen, two double bedrooms, a toilet with a shower and two small terraces. It is furnished with all that you need: saucepans, deck- chairs, hoover, BBQ…
Covers and cushions are provided, but the guests need to bring their own sheets and towels.
There is a gas cylinder for the burners and the water heater.  In summertime the house stays very cool because of its thick walls and because part of it is actually “in” the rocks. In winter you will find wood for the stove to heat up the house.

If requested, we can provide you with grocery provisions for the first day.
Your animals are welcome, just let us know beforehand. There is no TV, internet or washing machine in the house. Most of the village is covered by WiFi.